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Founded on May 20, 1957

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    Year 2018

  • Conducting of first experiments on the synthesis of SHE isotopes in reactions with 50Ti: 244Pu+ 50Ti.   >>>

  • Search for rare reaction channels with evaporation of charged particles, studies of the decay properties of the Rf and Sg isotopes using the separator SHELS + GABRIELA. Implementation of experiments on measurement of the multiplicity of prompt neutrons from the spontaneous fission of the Rf and Sg isotopes. Preparation of an experiment on the spectroscopy of the 288Mc isotope and the daughter products of its decay.   >>>

  • Conducting of experiments on the study of chemical properties of element 113. Conducting of experiments on the study of Cn and Fl selenides.   >>>.

  • Measurement of the cross sections of xn channels for complete fusion reactions 40Ar+ 144Sm, 40Ar+ 164Er, 40Ca+ 144Nd, and 48Ca+ 142Nd.   >>>

  • Production and study of the properties of new neutron-rich heavy nuclei in binary multi-nucleon transfer processes, quasi-fission and fast fission. Investigation of the mass-energy distributions of fragments produced in the reactions 16,18O + 232Th, 238U, 242Pu, and 48Ca + 154Sm. Study of the multi-body decays of low-excited heavy nuclei. Study of multicluster decay of heavy and superheavy nuclei. Development of physical setups. Study of the multi-body decays of low-excited heavy nuclei.   >>>,   >>>

  • Investigation of the structure of the exotic nuclei 5,7H, 11Be and 23Si using radioactive beams at the ACCULINNA-1 and ACCULINNA-2 setups.

  • Selection of optimal reactions for the production of beams of light nuclei ( 6,8He, 9,11Li, 8Be, and 10C) in the transfer reactions at low energies on the MAVR setup. Selection and application of highly effective sensitive techniques for detection, identification, and measurement of products of interaction of exotic nuclei beams with low intensity (103 - 106 s -1). Measurement of the total cross sections of reactions and individual channels (complete fusion, nucleon and cluster transfer reactions) in a wide energy range from 5 to 30 MeV/A.   >>>

  • Theoretical studies of the mechanisms of heavy-ion-induced reactions.   >>>

  • Development and update of the network knowledge base on nuclear physics.   >>>

  • Investigation of shapes and sizes of exotic nuclei employing laser spectroscopy methods.   >>>

    Development of the FLNR Accelerator Complex and Experimental Setups (DRIBs-III).   >>>

    Radiation Physics, Radiochemistry, and Nanotechnology Investigations Using Beams of Accelerated Heavy Ions  >>>