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A n d r e   G e o r g i e v i c h   P o p e k o

A.Popeko Deputy Director of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions

Candidate of Science (PhD) (Phys. and Math.), Senior Research Scientist

  • Curriculum Vitae

    Born: 23 August, 1946, Leningrad, Russia.


    1964 – 1970 Leningrad State University, Faculty of Physics, Department of Nuclear Reactions
    1982 Candidate of Science (PhD): "Investigation of spontaneous fission and search for superheavy elements in natural samples"

    Professional activity:

    1968 – 1998 Junior research scientist, senior research scientist, head of the research group, FLNR, JINR

    1998–2007 Scientific secretary of the FLNR

    Since 2007 Deputy director of the FLNR, JINR

    Educational activity:

    Since 2007 Assistant professor of Nuclear Physics Department at "Dubna" International University of Nature, Society, Man

    Scientific research interests:

    Study of heavy ion induced reaction dynamics, formation of compound nuclei, study of decay properties of transuranium isotopes, synthesis and study of decay properties of superheavy nuclei, nuclear spectroscopy.

    Scientific activity:

    In 1968 joined the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR and was involved in experiments aimed at the synthesis of transfermium nuclei and search for SHE in nature using neutron multiplicity counters. In 1986 was involved in the design of the Dubna Gas-Filled Separator and since 1992 he is the member of the VASSILISSA research group. Coauthor of the discovery of the new elements with atomic numbers 110, 111, 112 at GSI, Darmstadt, Germany.

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    (7-49621)6 21 46;

    (7-49621) 6 50 83


    Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR
    141980 Dubna, Russia. 

    Postal address:
    FLNR JINR, 141980 Dubna,
    Moscow region, Russia

    Phone: (7-49621) 62-159
    Telefax: (7-49621) 28-933
    Telex: 911621 DUBNA SU
    E-mail: yuliam@jinr.ru