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Founded on May 20, 1957

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    "CORSET" double-arm time-of-flight spectrometer
    (CORSET - CORrelation SETup)

    In the series of research and experimental works carried out by CORSET Group the properties of nuclei fission were studied with the following interesting results:

    1. For the first time the fission properties of 220Ra, 219Ac, 220,224,226 Th, 256No, 270Sg, 271Hs, 266,272110, 286112, 292114, 294118, 302120, 306122 compound nuclei formed in the reactions with 12C, 16,18O, 22Ne, 48Ca, 58,64Ni, 86Kr ions at the energies near and below the Coulomb barrier were studied as a result of these experiments;

    2. A very important phenomenon was observed for the first time in study of super heavy element fusion-fission behavior: the asymmetry of heavy nucleus fission determined by the light fragment nucleon shells. In a sense this closes the circle of theoretical ideas of nucleus fission modality which is very important for further development of fission physics and nuclear physics as a whole as well;

    3. For 256No, 266, 274Hs, 286112, 292114, 296116, 294118, 306122 nuclei the dependences of capture cross-section (σc) and fission cross-section (σff) from compound nucleus excitation energy in 15 – 60 MeV range were studied;

    4. It was discovered that mass distributions of 286112, 292114, 290, 296116, 294118, 302120, 306122 compound nuclei fission fragments are asymmetrical due to the shell structure of a light fragment of 132-134 average mass, contrary to actinides fission asymmetry. It was determined that total kinetic energy (TKE) of neutron multiplicity and γ-quanta for the above mentioned nuclei fission and quasi fission differ considerably;

    5. For the first time it was discovered that fissible compound nucleus γ-quantum and neutron emission serves as a criterion for separation of fission and quasi-fission processes which in its turn enables to specify these two processes to a high degree of accuracy;

    6. Analysis of neutron and γ-quantum angular and energy distributions revealed that values of < MFFγ > multiplicity for fusion-fission processes is much higher than values of < MQFγ > multiplicity for quasi-fission processes and on the other hand Mtot full neutron multiplicity and < Mγ > full γ-multiplicity monotone increases with Z compound nucleus atomic number and excitation energy growth;

    7. For the first time the multimodal fission phenomena in the area of 256No, 270Sg, 271Hs superheavy nuclei was discovered and studied.

     Eduard Michaylovich KOZULIN
      Contact person:

      KOZULIN Eduard Michaylovich
      Candidate of Science, Physics and Mathematics
      Leader of "CORSET" scientific group

      Office Phone: +7 49621 6 45 59

      Fax: (7 49621) 6 50 83

      E-mail : kozulin@jinr.ru or kozulin@dubna.ru